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Even if your applications are written in a powerful 3GL language, Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd can assist your migration off the HP e3000 platform, while retaining those language functions that have proved invaluable.

Of course you wish to retain your mission-critical applications:
+ They are integral to your internal systems.
+ You have established trained developers and users.
+ Quite probably, your applications are tightly linked to numerous OS-dependent
commands, libraries and resources.

This is where Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd can assist your migration.
Whether it is migrating Cobol and Vplus forms - or C, C++, Pascal, Fortran or RPG - Pathway has the knowledge and tools to safeguard your legacy investments, while also giving you the latitude to enhance their performance.

Pliant and intelligent migration recognises the uniqueness of your system and anticipates systemic requirements.

Being guided by Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd through migration, you will find that your pre-existing applications, databases, graphical interfaces, files, intrinsics, commands and scripts operate as they did before, with the bonus that they are still open to development or improvement…That's right. You can develop as you migrate - either directly within the native format of your chosen new environment, or in the original source.

Migrate to Unix, Windows, HP-UX or Linux platforms with minimal risk and maximum scope.

Ordina-Denkart (Netherlands):
Ordina Denkart's HP3000 migration solution ViaNova 3000 transfers entire customer-developed environments from HP-3000 to Open Systems like HP-UX and Linux without having to discard essential applications. They also offer a whole series of new features and technologies for you to consider.

Speedware (Canada): 
Needing to port your applications and data to open environments such as Unix, Windows, or Linux? Speedware's AMXW migration tool is Hewlett-Packard endorsed, and offers comprehensive technical and financial features to assure the durability and security of your applications.

Transoft (UK):
Transoft has earnt its reputation as a leading international provider of application transformation, integration, assembly and analysis solutions. The Transport Intelligence Adapters will identify and safeguard your critical business application functions through migration, and build new and scalable, integrated (e)business applications if required.

Marxmeier Software AG (Germany):
Marxmeier Software AG takes pleasure in announcing its new tenure of the Hewlet-Packard HP Eloquence product. Having been responsible for the HP Eloquence product development and back level support for the past 14 years it is a seamless inheritance. With the release of the new Eloquence B.06.32 and B.07.00, and the anticipated Eloquence 7.0 in December 2002, Marxmeier Software AG looks forward to continuing its commitment and ongoing support to Eloquence users, past and present.