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Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd respects your need for maximum productivity.
Our migration strategies acknowledge your long-term development. We'll enable you to carry forward platforms and databases - and the huge intellectual and practical investments you've made - into new and exciting technologies.

For example, Speedware's 4GL programming language abstracts DBMS-specific information away from the programming language itself, thereby offering a layer of protection that simplifies database migrations. With (very) few exceptions, you can lift an application off one database type and lay it down on an equivalent structure in a different type, and the application will run without a single change in the source code. That's portable!

If you're a Transact customer, Pathway Pacific is ready to covert your Transact applications, or guide you through a complete end-to-end migration. And of course, with your immediate and long-term productivity always our major concern, you will benefit by our cross-platform portable solutions. Your applications will not only be converted to a language very similar to Transact, but your business or enterprise future will also be paved for smooth migrations to other environments.

If you're a Cognos Powerhouse customer, Pathway Pacific has the experience and skillsets available to guide you through a complete end-to-end migration to your new platform and database.

And what business today can survive without multidimensional analysis - the ability to easily create relational reports, and instantly share them with colleagues for better decision-making? Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd has the solutions to enable you to align and cross-reference your information and enterprise activities, making your collaborative decision-making process a 'totally' informed experience.

Optimise your business intelligence at enterprise level.

Pathway Pacific can show you how.