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Quality systems administration solutions

Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd provides a unique blend of global experience, specialised regional knowledge, critical technology and comprehensive resources. We're in the privileged position of knowing what options work where, and most successfully - and we're ready to successfully assist you in a world where the correct use of information becomes more important by the second.

With our tried and tested HP e3000 migration techniques - beginning with an analysis to determine your step-by-step plan of action…through to the project management, technical training, tool selection and trouble shooting for your critical transitions (or parts thereof) - Pathway Pacific is  committed to your business excellence.

That's why Hewlett Packard have selected us to be their Platinum Partner in the Asia Pacific Region. Not a small accolade, but one for which we are well credentialed. We can provide you with all of your Hewlett Packard server requirements, deliver HPUX and HP Netserver solutions, and supply you with the right System Administration solution - all sourced from market leading vendors.

What Pathway Pacific won't do is let you make today's important and expensive decisions without ensuring that you're fully prepared and ready for the challenges that come tomorrow. At Pathway Pacific we like to know that every out-come of our association with you leads to excellence.

With our international and first hand knowledge-base, we have the correct methods, applications, tools and/or strategies to uniquely facilitate your business goals. We select the best resources and management the world has to offer and bring them to your service.

Pathway Pacific is proud to exceed all expectations of how our real knowledge and experience can benefit your business. That's the kind of performance we expect of ourselves - and of the outcome of our association with you.

With Pathway Pacific you can be secure in the knowledge that your continuing business or enterprise excellence is always the goal.