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Cost-effective, quick and easy-to-use, these are the winning ingredients of any application. But when it comes to porting your databases - frequently the most hazardous part of a complete system transition - you also want control over the process. Total confidence is that last essential ingredient for successful transition.

Whether you are a medium to large enterprise, or a small to mid-sized business, you can't afford uncertainty. Don't risk the most intricate parts of your system.

Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd has a wealth of knowledge specifically focused on data - we'll look after your business logic and critical information. There are often no easy connectivity options that facilitate both the database structure and data transfers. And, of course, there may be data type mismatches and conflicts. From a simpler 'replication' which minimises application code changes and side-steps the need to introduce new structural changes - to the more complex 'cleaning and refining' method, where application codes change as they neatly adapt while the application database accesses the new structure - Pathway Pacific will make sure you're making the right moves. First try. With confidence.

Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd has the expertise to take you through the database migration process with assurance. That's why we're the Hewlett-Packard selected Platinum Migration Partner for the Asia Pacific region.

SQLWays, by Ispirer Systems Limited, allows you to easily migrate data, schema, stored procedures, triggers and other objects between multiple databases. SQLWays is a tool fully focused on database conversion. Besides solving general migration issues, it also automatically handles a great number of minor differences between databases by generating intelligible code. Ensuring a flexible migration process, it allows you to customize the conversion to fully meet your needs.

BridgeWare™, jointly developed by Taurus and Quest Software, is able to extract, transform and move data in bulk or near real time, between MPE, NT and UNIX systems. The product is used to feed data warehouses and \ reporting repositories, exchange data with web servers, generate test data, update HP3000 data from relational databases, and support staged migration projects with speed and ease.

Dbmotion is the perfect choice for those who want to replicate their database environment on another platform. Without the help of a tool - and it has to be the right tool - the whole database migration process can be high risk and time-consuming.  Dbmotion saves on stress and your valuable hours, because it automates most intricacies involved in the process.