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Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd is the Hewlett-Packard selected Platinum Migration Partner for the Asia Pacific region. That's why we're the 'safe hands' you need in your time of migration. With our proven, 'mission-critical' migration methods from HP e3000 to other platforms/database environments, we can steer you confidently through the transition process with minimum risk for your optimised arrival. We have real experience, expertise and knowledge to get you there. Pathway Pacific's mission-critical goal? To preserve - and improve - the lifeblood of your company.

Mission-critical. Success aimed.
As you well know, for any critical move to be successful you need to do your homework. Particularly when it involves choice between expensive options with which you will have to live, and involves the co-ordination of human and technical resources.
Pathway Pacific has the correct answers for your individual needs, and the knowledge to get you there.
Through our tried and tested procedure involving your individual assessment, then customised planning, analysis and project management - specifically designed for the requirements of your situation - we'll anticipate the complexities, risks, costs, and provide a timetable for your successful transition.

Individual Assessment:
To get anywhere you need to know exactly where you are, what you have and how it all relates to your big picture - past, present and future. Pathway Pacific will provide an initial assessment, which will include the review of your software components such as languages, databases, user interfaces, and third party software and maintenance contracts. Through this process we'll determine which areas of your migration will be simple, and which may cause complications if not approached with prior experience.

Planning and Analysis:
Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd will provide you with a report and plan, step-by-step detailing the requirements for your migration. From resources, technologies and budget to an implemental time-frame, you will have the detailed knowledge, necessary tools and understanding to get the job done.

Project Management:
Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd has a trained and experienced team of migration experts who have 'been there, done that', and who can partner your team through the migration experience - avoiding obstacles and trouble shooting along the way - to bring your migration project in successfully, on time and in budget

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