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Pathway Pacific Selects Acucorp Products for HP e3000 Migrations.

NORTH SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 2, 2003.  Pathway Pacific Pty Ltd, Hewlett-Packard Company’s  sole Platinum Partner in Asia Pacific, has announced a marketing license agreement with Acucorp, Inc. to provide the ACUCOBOL-GT® Development System to Pathway Pacific customers seeking to migrate HP COBOL II applications to UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms.  With this agreement, Pathway strengthens its comprehensive offering to organizations seeking to maintain and leverage their proven HP e3000 applications and expertise in a cost-effective, risk-limiting manner.

 “By the end of 2006, HP will have phased out its HP3000 family of high-performance servers,” said Scott Becker, Director of Australian headquartered, Pathway Pacific.  “Acucorp enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry for high quality products and customer support,” he explained.  “Coupled with Acucorp’s extensive local presence throughout the region, and product affinity for HP COBOL II and MPE, Acucorp was a compelling fit for our customers seeking a modern and proven COBOL system for cost-effective transitions to open systems.”

According to Ann Snowbarger, Acucorp’s Director, International Sales, “Pathway Pacific’s relationship with HP and well-established local market presence ensures that customers selecting ACUCOBOL-GT as part of their transition strategy will have a trusted partner to ensure migration satisfaction.  Pathway provides local, comprehensive expertise in complementary HP e3000 migration tools and services that add tremendous value to that of Acucorp.”

Acucorp products include ACUCOBOL-GT, an ANSI compliant, high performance COBOL development system available for HP/UX, Linux, Windows, MPE, and many other environments.  Support for features such as HP COBOL II extensions, Intrinsics, and macros means that the transition to the new environment can be accomplished in a stepwise fashion.  Acucorp’s AcuBench™ IDE, native COBOL thin client, and COBOL-based GUI development provide a robust environment that ensures continued viability of migrated business applications.

Pathway Pacific has assembled three additional products to bundle a complete solution for the HP e3000 sites wanting to make the transition as quickly and smoothly as possible while doing the work themselves.  “With Acucorp’s ACUCOBOL-GT being the core of the bundle, Pathway Pacific also offers Eloquence, a database that is very much like Turbo/Image on the HP e3000; ScreenJet, which will automate the conversion of Vplus forms to native AcuBench forms; and MPUX, enabling a seamless transfer of all platform-bound features of your applications,” said Mr Becker.  “Together, these 4 products offer customers a transition solution that minimizes the amount of effort required in moving to their new environment, while leveraging their existing internal skillsets.”

About Pathway Pacific

Pathway Pacific, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, built its reputation on providing Hewlett-Packard based solutions to their Asia Pacific clients.   Known for their experience in the HP 3000 arena, Hewlett-Packard appointed Pathway Pacific as the sole Platinum Migration Partner for Asia Pacific.  Pathway Pacific is a leading supplier of System Administration Solutions, sourced from market leading vendors.  For more information about Pathway Pacific, visit http://www.pathway.com.au              

About Acucorp
Founded in 1988, Acucorp, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California, with additional offices in Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Acucorp's products are distributed in more than 75 countries throughout the world, and its technology users include Ford Argentina, Red Cross Belgium, Sanyo Extended Data Systems, Seagram Americas, Siemens, The Gap, The Travelex Group (formerly Thomas Cook), Tower Records and Warner Music Group. The company continues to design, develop, and market robust solutions for extending the life of inherited COBOL applications.  For more information about Acucorp, visit http://www.acucorp.com/hp.


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